Kostroma cotton-spinning mill. Founded in 1853.
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JV Kokhloma / Mill History

In 1853 a flax-spinning mill began being built in Kostroma on the funds of merchants Bryukhanov and Zotov, and in a years time, October, 1 1854 it started production with 1600 spindles. In 1855 a third companion Mikhin joined Zotov and Bryukhanov. The number of spindles increased to 3000. A Nm 10-70 linen yarn was spinned. The raw materials were purchased in Kostroma, Yaroslavl and Vologda provinces and the product was sold to linen manufacturers in Vyazniki, Murom and Kostroma.

  (1900-1910 .) The last mills owner Mikhina sold the mill to Belgian manufacturers Gratrie and Gerard, and the mill took the name of the mill of the anonymous association Gratrie, Gerard and Mikhina. At the moment of its sale the mill had 6000 spindles. The newly-established firm had an objective to combine two absolutely different productions: flax spinning and cotton spinning. For this purpose a cotton-spinning mill was built in 1900 next to the existing one with the initial number of spindles 23444, and two years later a weaving mill with 75 looms of different sizes was launched for the production of thick colored fabrics, patterned ticking and mottled cotton tricot, at the same time a twiner production shop for 6848 spindles was started up. In 1910 the flax spinning production was eliminated. It enabled to reinforce cotton spinning and to bring the number of spindles to 61828, and in the twiner shop up to 11028. Before World War II broke out, the mill had 11700 twiner spindles and about 61000 spinning spindles installed, a daily yarn production was 15 tons. At the end of 1945 the spinning mill was amalgamated with Lenta ribbon mill located nearby. To increase the yarn production volume a design job for the mill reconstruction was drawn up in 1950 and the reconstruction works were started in 1955. Spinning machines were being replaced simultaneously.

Znamya Truda Mill underwent numerous reconstructions and reorganizations. In 1959 a sorting-scutching production shop started working. In 1961, a spinning production shop was extended at the expense of the looms given to Remennaya Tesma mill, and the mill started to produce cotton yarn only. From July 1st, 1991 mill workers came to rent the mill with the right of redemption, and in November 1992 they redeemed it and became its owners. From this moment the mill acquired the name of Close Corporation Kostroma Cotton-Spinning Manufacture. The spring of 2002 was marked by the coming of the strategic investor, which led to the modification in the organization structure. Now Kokhloma Textile Group is a holding company. A contract for equipment delivery was signed with Rieter company, Switzerland, and reconstruction works of production premises were started in the 2nd half of 2002.

The reconstruction was followed by installation of Rieter equipment in August 2003 as per 1st stage of the investment project. This equipment enables a monthly production of up to 1000 tons of high-quality cotton raw white carded OE yarn. To provide high quality of the yarn and in accordance with equipment technical requirements the newest conditioning system was assembled in the production facilities.

Today Kokhloma Textile Group produces up to 1200 tons of Nm 9 to Nm 65 yarn, among which 100 150 tons are for knitting, that can be waxed or can have specific technical characteristics according to customers requirements.

Our address: Borby St., 75, 156002 Kostroma, Russia