Kostroma cotton-spinning mill. Founded in 1853.
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JV Kokhloma
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JV Kokhloma / Publications

- How long does your company exist?

- Last year we celebrated its 150th anniversary. Today Kokhloma is a textile group: a manufacturer, a trading house and a joint venture. Each company is responsible for its own allotted work and bears a full responsibility to its customers.

- What changes has the mill undergone since your management?

- I came at a very interesting and difficult time for the mill - in 2002. At that time we faced the necessity of a technical re-equipment of the mill. We installed a full-cycle Swiss Rieter equipment, launched Uster testing equipment. All technicians of our mill took advanced training courses. In 2005 a new "Schlafhorst" and "Trutzschler" production chain will be started. Construction of two new mills in Kostroma - a weaving-mill and a combed ring yarn spinning-mill - is in sight, so there is a lot of work to do...

Special thanks should be said to our partner banks Sberbank and Vneshtorgbank and also to Kostroma Region Administration for its support and development of our projects.

- What yarn do you produce?

Our mill specializes in production of cotton Nm 7 Nm 65 yarn counts for knitting and weaving. We have conducted thorough investigations, a purchase requirement analysis for the 10 years to come, a number of financial problems has been solved. Today our yarn is made of best cotton sorts and has parameters that comply with the highest standards.

- What companies do you cooperate with, do you trade at foreign market?

- Due to a full re-equipment we switched to a new for us high-quality product sphere, and the capacity enables us to satisfy the needs of the biggest customers. The consumers of our product are biggest Russian companies such as " Shuyskiye Sitsi "("Shuya Chintz"), "Texcontract".

A special group is comprised of companies that process our product together with flax, these are "Yakovlevskaya Manufacture", "Gavrilov-Yamsky Flax Industrial Complex", "Vologda Textile" and others. Now a demand for natural-fibre articles has increased and our product is becoming more and more popular among manufacturers, exporters and foreign customers. We started to export our product to the European Union. Our biggest customers in CIS are Mogotex and Svitanok. We actively expand the geography of our customers, join the Estonian, Latvian, Turkish and Italian markets. In the nearest future we are signing contracts with Poland and Czech Republic. The recognition of the work of our factory is numerous favourable reports of our customers. At the XXIIth Federal Fair we were awarded with the Best company of the year diploma, and the recognition of the quality of our product is the participation and the victory in the 100 Best Russian Goods contest. All these achievements result from the work of the whole staff and of each individual worker.

- What problems do you have to face?

- Like any manager daily I have to solve different questions quite urgently. Well-coordinated work of the staff and anticipatory manpower policy reduce all current tension to a minimum. Besides, I solve financial problems, I visit our big customers who practically always become our good partners. Much time and effort is dedicated to solution of questions of social development, social security, welfare for the factory workers, their rest and leisure. We take an active part in our city life, in humanitarian and sponsor actions: we help our local football club, boarding schools. Business has no trifles. Everything is one big matter.


Our address: Borby St., 75, 156002 Kostroma, Russia