Kostroma cotton-spinning mill. Founded in 1853.
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Kokhloma company is getting ready for realization of a new investment project.

Textile producers are planning to organize an advance-technology yarn production in a fundamentally new way. This will enable to produce fabrics of increased strength and durability. Severnaya Pravda Vladimir BOLSHAKOV has found out the details.

Some years ago the company realized two investment projects and became the only mill in the region that replaced the out-of-date equipment for efficient production lines of the German and Swiss companies. More than 500 000 000 rubles were invested into this re-equipment. 320 new vacancies were created and taxes of 121 million rubles were supplied to the budgets of all levels. And now there is a new project. It was presented to Governor Sergey Sitnikov last Tuesday during his visit to the mill.

Head of the region was shown the spinning and packing workshops as well as the production laboratory. The machines produce 800 tons of yarn monthly. It is in great demand. However, according to the holdings director, it is getting more difficult to compete in modern economic conditions. To conquer international markets, it is necessary to move forward, to introduce innovations.

- We are planning to realize the third investment project. It involves installment of a new spinning equipment that will enable to produce goods of a new quality, will increase labour efficiency. Kostroma yarn can really compete with yarns produced in Turkey and China, - remarked the mills General Director Mikhail Gorynin.

An overall investment of 350 million rubles is supposed to be made for the production modernization, another 50 vacancies will be available. Increased strength and durability of fabrics will enable to use them for making military uniforms, protection clothes for building and road works.

- We welcome absolutely all investors who invest their monetary funds into acting enterprises. The implementation of this project will significantly increase the competitiveness of textile fabrics on the local and international markets, and will enable to pass on to producing goods of even better quality. Therefore we will surely support the project and certainly take any appeal of the mill into consideration, - promised Sergey Sitnikov.

The director of the mill immediately pointed out a possible problem. As we know, Kostroma Customs will be eliminated from November 1st this year. There will be only two customs stations in Kostroma and Sharya, instead of four. And all export and import in the region will be controlled by Yaroslavl Customs.

Meanwhile only Kokhloma cooperates with more than ten foreign countries. Cotton is purchased in Central Asian countries. The finished product is sold to Belarus, Latvia, Germany, Serbia. Now the customs clearance takes a little more than a day. The company management fears that after November, 1st customs clearance will take additional time, which means real loss. But the governor made these things clear:

- This is what can be influenced by the regional administration, and I have already given the necessary instructions as to monitor all the companies that use the customs services, from November 1st till 15th. This is very important for us because it has a great influence on the attractiveness of the region in terms of investments. Our manufacturers should feel safe and confident and not face difficulties that cause additional expenses.

"Severnaya Pravda" newspaper No.86 dated November 1st, 2012

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